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Green,Hyundai,Misc. Automakers,Alternative Fuels,Biodiesel,Fuel Efficiency,Green Automakers,Transportation Alternatives,ElectricRussia could launch a hyperloop project this December. Hyundai prices and specs Ioniq for the …

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Green,Motorsports,Green Culture,Electric,RacingAn early crash between two leaders means the second season of Formula E was settled with an unusual tie-breaker. The lesson? Every lap counts.Continue reading Well, that was a…

Bob Lutz and his Volt-like truck visit Jay Leno’s Garage

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Bob Lutz recently stopped by to see Jay Leno at the comedian’s Big Dog Garage, and the legendary auto executive has brought along his latest project, an extended-range VTrux elec…

GM Gives Tentative Chevrolet Volt Volumes; Puts Next-Gen Truck Development on Hold – Car News

Truck woes force GM to re-evaluate its truck lineup, while Volt hype continues. Excuse the pun, but few cars seem capable of generating electricity the way any new snippet of information about the Chevrolet Volt does. Anxious buyers should know that GM’s goal is to make 10,000 Chevrolet Volt plug-in electric cars in 2011, the […]