Silverado Testimonials

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Below is a list of what some happy Clarksville Indiana Chevy Silverado owners have to save about their new Chevrolet Silverados.

“Good gas mileage, great power and very quiet. Very little road noise. No visits to the dealership for repairs. Would buy another truck just like it..”


“It may not have all the features, but it has the right ones. Power-acceleration is a blast. If i never own another car, i’ll be happy with this truck!”


“Bought this vehicle used with low mileage. I’ve only had for 4 months but I’ve done plenty of city / highway / towing with and it and I can’t praise it enough. The 6.0L is very powerful even with my 6500 lb combined weight backhoe on the back, uphill. Gas mileage has been pretty remarkable too, considering the size of the engine. I’ve been getting 16 mpg combined (mostly country back roads) consistently tank after tank. The vehicle is rated 13/17. The truck is fully loaded with all the heavy duty goodies so I guess I should expect the high performance and capabilities. I guess I’m just glad it’s actually the case. Hands down it’s probably the cheapest out there. Ford F-150’s were a good $2-3k more. Not knocking them, but I just found what I was looking for in the Silverado. I wasn’t interested in Toyota or Nissan. Ride quality is very good, the truck is very easy to drive, almost rides like a car. It doesn’t have that rough truck suspension feel like older truck models had. Very impressed I must say. After reading reviews from others I noted that some appear to truly have defects in certain areas from the factory. I don’t think the Silverado’s are any more likely than any other car. But you know those posts always make it into the reviews. Other reviews I read just blew my mind. Either the owner doesn’t know how to operate the vehicle properly, doesn’t know what to expect, or didn’t know what they were buying when they bought it. All I can recommend is that you do your research beforehand and know what you’re buying before you sign that contract, and only the amount of truck you require.”


“Tons of power and creature comforts. The engine and transmission are based on a bullet proof time tested design. The fuel mileage is not the best, but it is a crew cab full size, not a Prius. Compared to other full size pickups, this truck had more options for the same price.”


“We had a blizzard and it got me home after 5 consecutive shifts at work even though the road weren’t all clear. Then last summer we had major flooding from a tropical storm and I had to go through some flooded roads. If the truck wasn’t as high as it is, I would have gotten struck. Only high 4×4 trucks were getting through”


“we have now owned this truck for 15mos. and are completly satisfied, this is the 3rd Chevy in the past 20 yrs, (1st was a 1993 C/1500 Silverado package reg cab, 2nd a 2005 Avalanche 1500 4X4 LS and now this 2011 Z-71 Ext cab, we have every option but leather and sunroof, 5.3 6spd, 3:42 lmtslp, HD coolingpackage and tow package, we take reg road trips, my wife and I, all over the Country, and this truck is very comfy, on the hyw we get 21mpg avg. and in the mountains we get 18mpg avg. in town we get 16mpg avg. that is not bad and is better than the previous Chevy’s, I would keep on buying Chevy/GMC’s for the forseable future, I have had very little trouble with any of them, the 1993 was completly trouble free for over 80K, and the Avalanche, the only trouble was the intermediate steering shaft, fixed under re-call, and that was all on that truck, so far so good with this one. I am looking foward to the new 2014? Chevy trucks, I might be interested in a Reg cab 4X4 for myself to drive around in. The realy good part of these trucks is the re-sale value I have recieved in the past!!!”


“My 2011 Silverrado is quiet and extremely easy to drive. It drives better than my 2001 Tahoe. It is extremely roomy and the interior is both functional and refined. I feel just as comfortable pulling the boat as I do pulling up to valet. The interior is quieter than I expected. The truck looks great on 20″ wheels and the 5″ oval step rail finihses off the look with just a touch of chrome accents. so far I love the truck.”


“i love this truck it isn’t the best for commuting but its good for what its meant for with the most payload out of any other 1500 ever on the road. a great fishing,hunting,camping truck.”