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Cashing Out: How Long Can GM Afford to Cut Incentives for Pickups?

General Motors, basking in record transaction prices and double-digit October sales increases for most of its models, is trying to wean itself off mammoth cash incentives that stoke the full-size pickup-truck market. In a conference call earlier today, U.S. sales and operations VP Kurt McNeil said GM would become more “disciplined” in doling out regular […]

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GM,TruckWhile General Motors has recovered since its epic 2009 bankruptcy, and its passenger cars are better than they have ever been, the company remains dependent on sales of pickup trucks and SUVs for its profits.Contin…

GM recalls full-size truck, SUVs and vans over faulty shifter mechanism

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Twelve different General Motors vehicles from the 2013 model year, up to 54,686 units in total, are being recalled over two potential issues with their steering column…

Dodge vs. Chevy tug-of-war taken to the extreme

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They say “idle hands are the devil’s playground,” but said playgrounds grow to Disney-sized proportions when a pair of jacked-up trucks, two egos, a chain and an empty mall parking lot ar…